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 YBAA Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member of YBAA?

A. YBAA is a voluntary and free organization that welcomes all alumni from across Yale University who support YBAA’s mission.

What is YBAA’s relationship with the House and the AYA?

A. YBAA is an independent 501(c)3 organization. We are an official Association of Yale Alumni Shared Interest Group. YBAA has worked with and will continue to collaborate with key Yale University partners, including the House and the AYA as well as other alumni organizations and clubs to facilitate our mission and programming. The AYA serves as an advisor to YBAA by providing, support in our continued organizational development, helping to facilitate communication between alumni and YBAA and long range strategic planning. The AYA has partnered with YBAA in the coordination and funding of YBAA programming.

How often does the board meet in person?

A. Currently, the board gathers once a year in New Haven for the annual board retreat.

Are there other meetings outside of the once a year meeting in New Haven?

A. Yes, currently the board meets once a month for an hour tele-conference call and committees may meet (via teleconference) more or less frequently.

Does the university cover travel expenses and accommodations to campus for meetings?

A. No. Every board member travels at hers/his expense

Are board members compensated in any way for serving on the YBAA Board?

A. No, board members do not receive compensation of any kind for their service to the board and the university.