Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

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To be the principal catalyst for service, involvement, and connection for the Yale Black community and its stakeholders.

We envision a YBAA that:

• Is financially self-sufficient including building and sustaining an endowment.
• Actively promotes intellectual discourse, leadership development and cultural activity for alumni, students, and faculty.
• Serves as a stimulus for inclusion of a Black alumni voice within the broader Yale community.
• Utilizes cutting-edge technology for communication and engagement.
• Creates thriving partnerships and collaborations that provide opportunities for Black alumni and students.


• Connection – We honor the disparate nature of Blackness by creating opportunities to accommodate and give voice to a variety of perspectives.
• Engagement – We provide multiple means for expression, dialogue and activity in service to our constituents.
• Service – We believe that it is a privilege and responsibility to support individuals and interests that strengthen the Black community and seek to make a difference.
• Leadership Development – We assist the Black student, faculty and alumni community with means for learning, expression and talent enhancement.
• Communication – We understand that the bedrock of fulfilling our mission and vision is maintaining open, candid and constant exchange through multiple mediums.